April 13, 2012

Dance Photography for SOTA San Francisco

This is the result of a Rapt Productions photo shoot of the dancers of The School Of  The Arts in San Francisco, celebrating thirty years of dance!
The task of capturing this shot of an epic wave of dancers was no easy one. Not to mention the lighting arrangements, we built scaffolding twenty five feet high on either side of the cyc wall for several of the dancers to leap off of. Before the shoot, the dancers had a good, limbering warm up and drew straws to see who would have the ground and who would have the leaping positions. It is fortunate that they’re fairly young subjects and are therefore resilient, as we needed multiple takes to get the shot just right…

Okay, I joke. The dancers for this particular image were composited from the individual shots below, and even though no one had to jump off of scaffolding, I was very impressed the subjects ability and commitment as they threw themselves through the air with a wonderful mix of study and reckless abandon. Thanks to everyone from SOTA for making this a great shoot!


… And some non composite shots:

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